We’ve been supporting people living with injury and disability for over 30 years.

During that time we’ve listened carefully to our community’s evolving needs, and learned from their solutions. The collaboration with the people we serve, mixing with our own wealth of lived experience and professional knowledge, has allowed us to build a range of services and supports that speak to our community’s shared needs, while also tailoring to individual circumstances.

A partnership

When we deliver supports, we form a partnership with you. This partnership is rooted in trust, respect and transparency, and we call it a Service Partnership. During our initial assessment, we will seek a comprehensive understanding of you, what’s happening around you, and what you need. In turn, we will share what we can offer, and how we can offer it.

If it’s decided we are not the right fit, we will work hard to find another provider that might be. If it’s agreed we can help, then we will work closely with you to develop tailored support that meets your needs and our capacity to deliver. That spirit of collaboration and consultation continues as support is delivered, as challenges arise, and as needs evolve. Your voice is always heard, and always met with a conversation.

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