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Our Occupational Therapy team can work with you to develop tailored strategies for achieving your goals

Our Allied health team is highly experienced, well connected and has a deep knowledge of the sector. All backed by our organisation’s background, influenced by our organisations 35+ year history of integrating lived experience into service delivery. Our team at AQA is resourced by the diverse input of staff and volunteers with lived experience of disability, including a mix of traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injuries and a range of other complex disabilities.

Our team’s passion is working with people with complex physical disabilities – like spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and other similar physical or neurological conditions – enabling people to live the life they want. Whether it’s the passion and clash of playing wheelchair rugby, or looking toward independence at home, future careers or returning to work/study, we look at ways to make your goals happen. If we can’t help, then we ask – if not us, who?

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What can an OT do?

  • Home Modifications
    From simple changes, such as a rubber ramp to modifications for a new home we look at your capacity and how to help your environment work for you and not against you.
  • SDA Applications (Specialist Disability Accommodation)
    Our team has a long standing history in understanding high-level complex needs, and we’re able to develop the detailed eligibility assessments to create successful outcomes. If you require or know someone who’d benefit from specialised living with high level person-to-person support, get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.
  • Functional Capacity Reports
    Helping you indicate progress and areas of improvement in reports.
  • Equipment Prescription
    From finding the right low-cost daily living to more complex requirements such as manual or powered wheelchairs, adjustable beds, hoists and custom equipment.
  • Education, Training & More
    Helping you adjust and gain confidence with new equipment or aiding in the development of new skills for you or your support workers to use new equipment or skills safely.
  • Community & Environment Assessments
    Would you like to access your local area with more confidence? Our team will look at your capacity and local area to brainstorm and develop ideas to improve independence and access.
  • Pressure Care Management
    As life changes you change; we look at your disability and immediate needs now and into the future. This allows us to consider the best approach for back and pressure care needs.
  • Rehab & Life changes
    If you’re leaving rehab, or heading home after surgery and change in circumstance, we can partner with you and your healthcare provider to help ease some of the stress from this transition.
  • Holistic Approaches
    We can work with your current team of providers or look at your requirements and see if any of our services may fit various gaps in your requirements.

Our Occupational Therapists (OT) can work with you to achieve your goals, review your functional capacity. Each situation is about you, you’re involved at every step of the process, and together we’ll work toward the most effective solution for you. We partner with our clients, until reaching a comfortable outcome looking at new techniques or equipment to ultimately achieve your goal.

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