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We are always on the lookout for passionate volunteers with a range of skills and experience including people with a lived experience of life with a disability and / or technical skills such as IT, Content Development, Graphic Design etc.

We also welcome enquiries from students looking to gain practical experience, either independently or as part of their course requirements. If you are currently studying, and would like your placement to be with us, please Contact Us to explore volunteering and placement opportunities.


Peer Volunteers

If you have been living with an Injury or Disability for a while, your experience of life would be invaluable to informing and supporting others living with disability and those with more recently acquired injuries to help reframe their lives and navigate their way back to full community life.

Peer Support

Our trained volunteers connect with people in the rehab and hospital environment as well as in the community. This includes visiting people with newly acquired injuries and conditions and visiting people during hospital admissions. By sharing information and experience our peer support volunteers support people transition into life back in the community. Volunteers receive specialised training and are coordinated by a team of dedicated peer support workers who themselves have lived experience.

Community Forums & Expos

We coordinate and deliver a range of opportunities including expos, forums and webinars which capture the diversity of life with injury and disability in the community. These are resourced by volunteers with lived experience who share their stories, activities, hobbies and tips and tricks (including exhibits of low-cost and adaptive/self-adapted equipment).

Social & Leisure

Our volunteers help organise social and leisure events in the community to provide opportunities for people to connect in their community and to connect with other people. This is a great opportunity for people to observe and learn how people living with injury and disability in the community engage in leisure activities and to engage in informal peer support.

Events are also held at locations like the Royal Talbot Rehab Centre for current inpatients which provide opportunities for informal peer support.

Specialist Skill Volunteers & Volunteer Interns

We welcome people with specific skills and interests who would like to volunteer their time and skills to support our projects and activities.

Areas of interest include:
● IT
● Social Media and online content development
● Graphic design / Desktop publishing
● General project support

Students looking to gain practical experience either independently or as part of their course requirements are also welcome. In the past we have had students following courses in IT, Media & Communications, Health Sciences (Rehab counselling) on volunteer internships with us.

Contact Us to explore volunteering and placement opportunities.

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