Support Coordination with AQA.

Lived Experience

Our team at AQA is resourced by the diverse input of staff and volunteers with lived experience of disability.

Graduation Approach

We want our Support Coordination clients to build their capacity and where possible, coordinate their own support and become as independent as possible.

Minute-Based Charge Rates

We truly look at helping our clients make the most out of their plans, this is why we adopt a minute-by-minute approach to our support coordination billing.

Diverse Service offering

Our Support Coordination team works with a wide range of disabilities and situations, so get in touch. From Physical, Psychosocial, Children, Supported Independent Living, Specialist Disability Accommodation and more…. Truly there is too much to list here so please Contact Us  if you have questions.

Holistic Outcomes

As a broad service organisation we learn from our in-house teams such as OT, Home and Community Based Services and more. While we do offer these services in-house at the end of the day, the choice is yours to make. And our connections can help ensure you get the right person or organisation for your needs. As we like to say, if not us? Then who?

English as a Second Language (ESL) & Cultural Sensitivity

The NDIS can use a range of terms that don’t translate, creating barriers that make working with providers a challenge. If you require translation services, we can help provide you with a phone translation service.

We respect the cultural heritage of our clients and work collaboratively with you and your family to ensure your needs are accommodated. If you have specific cultural or language needs, ask our professional team how we can support these.

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