by Peter Trethewey, CEO, and Michelle O’Sullivan, Chairperson 

AQA Members play a critical role in the good governance and development of AQA. We’d like to talk to you about our Members, and encourage you to become one. 

AQA is a community-owned project, in spirit and in law. In spirit, that ownership is represented by the multitude of ways we are all resourcing each other to live well – whether it’s our Peer Mentors passing on their invaluable experience, our Peer Leaders facilitating upskilling and knowledge sharing, our staff with lived experience delivering services and activities, or our Community Network members sharing their experiences and their support. 

So many of us are living out AQA’s purpose, and bringing us closer to our vision of an inclusive community where everyone has the resources they need to live well. So many of us are part of a community owning AQA.

But, as a member-based, non-profit organisation, we also have legal ‘owners’: our Members. They pay a small annual fee, and have a limited liability of $100 if AQA was to wind up. But they have a much more important role than these constitutional requirements: stewardship.

Our Members play a vital role in steering and shaping AQA. With making sure we stay true to our purpose and values and responsive to the challenges of a changing world. With taking the time to carefully consider where we are, and where we want to go. 

To date, our Members have discharged that stewardship by voting on proposals at Annual General Meetings, electing Directors, and participating on Committees. The more Members we have, and the more diverse our membership group is, the stronger and wiser that stewardship becomes. Stronger and wiser stewardship means we resource more people, more effectively. 

This year, we’ve decided to build more connective tissue among the Members, and between the Members and AQA leadership. Members will now meet periodically with the Chairperson and the CEO, over afternoon tea.
If you are a Member – or have been – thank you for your stewardship, and for getting us to where we are. If your membership has lapsed, or if you think you might have the capacity to become a Member, please get in touch – we’d love to have you on board.

  • July 11, 2023

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