I’m Hassan, and I’ve got a C5 complete SCI. I’ve worked in many fields before I started my own nonprofit organisation called Independence Care. I enjoy working full time as well as some weekends. I specialise in helping individuals with disability travel to 22 countries around the world. I gained this experience from my own experiences in travelling around the world. I am married and I recently became a father for my first baby boy 8 months ago.


I was diagnosed with a tumour on my spinal cord in November 2020 and a subsequent medical procedure resulted in a T 8-10 incomplete SCI. While in rehab at Monash Clayton, I didn’t have access to any peer support, but my Spinal Rehab Specialist Peter New strongly encouraged me to get in touch with AQA. Since connecting with AQA, I haven’t looked back. I’ve learnt so much from others with lived experience which has been a big inspiration. I left rehab feeling underprepared, but now I recognise you can still have a wonderful, exciting life. I enjoy trying extreme sports such as wakeboarding and indoor skydiving. Next year I’m looking forward to trying wheelchair basketball, AFL and travelling overseas for the first time to celebrate my 50th birthday.


 I was diagnosed at birth with Spina Bifida and was determined not to allow my disability to impact my personal life experiences, sports and career aspirations. I am married with a 25-year-old son, we have a ski boat and enjoy our holidays in Mildura on the Murray River. I have pretty much spent my entire working life in the Automotive industry in sales & marketing roles and joined Mobility Plus Wheelchairs 10 years ago where I prescribe custom manual & sports wheelchairs. This role is very satisfying meeting people with varying disabilities and helping them to engage in social, sporting and career opportunities. Sports are important to me; I am currently playing wheelchair tennis and badminton and was also a player/coach for the Collingwood AFL team. I have made many friendships through my involvement in sport.


 I incurred a C5/6 spinal cord injury in a waterskiing accident aged 20, in 1987. After seven months rehab in the Austin Hospital I returned to my family home. In 1988 I started back at work in an admin role part time before building to full time. I have worked in various roles both in government and private industry over 33 years, before I retired in July 2022. I currently live in my own apartment with my partner and volunteer in various roles. I use a power wheelchair, and enjoy travel, sports and socialising. 

  • February 6, 2024

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