by Nazim Erdem, AQA Practice Leader

The community BBQ held in February was a great event, with perfect weather and an excellent turnout from our diverse community. It was fantastic to see so many of you again – and watch old and new friends come together.

The BBQ wasn’t just a chance to catch up. It was also about thanking our incredible volunteers. We all know the impact our volunteers have – by sharing their time, experience and support, they change people’s lives.

They hold people up when they need it, share in their victories, and listen and support in all the moments in between. We appreciate them, their work, and their contribution to our community everyday – but we also take opportunities like the Community BBQ to properly honour them – and thank them.

The day also featured a leisurely four kilometre push along the beach, offering a chance to explore the recently renovated Altona Pier, which has fantastic wheelchair access. Some of the more adventurous among us made use of the beach wheelchairs and the beach matting to take a dip in the water.

Like many of you, I came away full of stories and ideas – a big thanks to everyone who shared their experiences – we all grow from it. It was also a great opportunity to launch our new AQA Services Guide, and talk about some of the new supports we have on offer.

Special thanks is also due to Retta, her daughter, and Lachie for managing the BBQ. Jane from Hollister for generously sponsoring the day, and the Altona Life Saving Club for graciously providing access to their facilities.Thanks for supporting such a special day.

Naz recounts AQA's annual get together of volunteers and community members, where we celebrate the life-changing impact so many of you make on our community.
  • March 26, 2024

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